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Ways to Spend to Maximize Happiness

According to Harvard Business School, there are ways to maximize the pleasure we associate with spending -

1st Principle: Buy experiences, not things.

**Research shows that experiences like vacations and concerts lead to longer-term fulfillment than material purchases.

2nd Principle: Make it a treat.

**Buy your favorite things sparingly to really boost appreciation and the good feeling the purchase brings.

3rd Principle: Buy time.

**Spend money to pay for things/services that will give you more time (i.e. sending out your laundry). This will allow you to spend more time on things that give you pleasure.

4th Principle: Pay now, consume later.

**Delayed gratification leads to more enjoyment overall.

5th Principle: Invest in others.

**Research has shown that spending on others is associated with high levels of happiness and contentment.

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