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Assertiveness Scripting for Tough Conversations

Need to have a tough convo and don’t know where to start? When working with patients to figure out the best approach, I often sit with them to make an “assertiveness script.” Yes, it feels a little bit like a classroom worksheet but taking the time to fill it out/ visualize your answers will lower your anxiety and increase the chances of an optimal outcome! ⁣

Start by Summarizing- ⁣

1. Situation- (What is the situation you are walking into? What are your expectations for how this person will respond based on past experience?)⁣

2. My goal- (What do you want to get out of this conversation? Is it a concrete request for action or are you hoping to improve communication or understanding? ) ⁣

“The Script”⁣

A. Start with an Empathy Statement- ( i.e. "I know you are exhausted when you come in from a long day of work." )

B. Basic Assertiveness- ⁣ Use these statements below to frame your request.

⁣ a. I feel _______ ⁣ b. When you _______⁣ c. Because_______⁣

C. State what you would like to change-⁣

⁣ a. I would like you to ________ ⁣

D. Another empathy statement (i.e. “I know this may not be what you may want to hear.”)

** Following this script will help remove emotion, avoid ad hominem (which is when you direct anger against the person, instead of what they are fighting for.)

** Use soft language, substitute "I’m angry, frustrated... " with "I’m hurt, I’m disappointed, I’m confused" or "I feel _____ when you _____.”⁣

Tough convos are tough for a reason but with a little planning and strategy, you can hopeful avoid unnecessary conflict and get a resolution you feel good about!

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